We live in a project-based world in need of authentic solutions to real issues.

Shouldn't our high school classrooms prepare students for this? 

What is our current reality you ask?

Student needs have changed. 

What if students had the ability to exercise a sense of autonomy and achieve a level of mastery in their own education? All while working towards their goals by engaging with people and options that interest them? 

Teacher roles have changed. 

What if you were given the opportunity to teach exactly what you love and engage with others that have similar interests and ambitions?  To collaborate with other educators -near and far- to create, deliver, and validate real world learning preparing students for their chosen path?

Districts & communities seeking balance.​ 

What if districts and educational organizations had a way to collaborate and access quality educational opportunities while being mindful of how they use their limited resources in a way that supports their long-term vision for educational success? 

To address this, we created...

A way for stakeholders to be able to collaborate, create, and distribute learning experiences comprised of authentic project-based and problem-based assessments in order for students to validate learning through our competency based model and progress through their personalized education. 

This is what we are made of...

 C5 Platform 

A competency-based, personalized learning environment that delivers valuable learning opportunities that engage students and educators alike. 

CoLAB Centers

Highly interactive and supportive labs within schools, where students and teachers engage in experiences to validate student learning in authentic ways.

HackEDU Events

Part PD and part hack-a-thon, these are engaging events that provide opportunities for collaboration amongst professionals promoting educational innovation and building community to support learning at high levels. 

This is how we promote success:

Useful Tools

From authoring learning opportunities to engaging learning, our focus is on ease of use and function.

Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback

Valuable feedback to inform instruction and learning- promoting growth and process as well as results.

Valuable Data and Analytics

Whether at the project, unit, course, or student level, our 5C's model illustrates a clear Learner DNA profile

Ethical AI Baked In

We are integrating the ethical use of AI to uncover trends and provide supports to prepare students for the future.

Opportunity Matching

Whether it be activities or teams, we purposefully connect participants based on want and need.

Collaborative Approach

Our focus is on interaction and engagement- as that is how authentic learning happens

Ultimately, we make it easy for students, teachers and communities to