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We make it easy for students, teachers and communities to




We Empower Through Oppurtunity!

So-crad-e-my, is a web-based platform where educators are able to create or collaborate on learning experiences comprised of lessons and assessments in order for students to validate competence and progress through their personalized education.

Student needs have changed.

What if students had the ability to control their own education while working towards their goals engaging with people and options that interest them?

Teacher roles have changed.

What if you were given the opportunity to teach exactly what you love and engage with others that have similar interests and ambitions?

Districts & Communities seeking balance.​

What if districts and educational organizations had a way to collaborate and access quality educational opportunities while being mindful of how they use their resources?

This is how we'll achieve success.

C5 Platform

A competency-based, personalized learning environment that delivers valuable learning opportunites that engage students and educators alike.



Highly interactive labs within schools, where students and teachers engage in experiences to validate  student learning.



Part PD and part hack-a-thon, these are engaging events that provide opportunities for educational innovation.

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